Group of Companies

Our Group of Companies

1. Fox Petroleum FZC, UAE : Fox Petroleum FZC, UAE is based in Dubai and deals in Sourcing and Trading of all Petroleum Products like – D2(ULSD), LNG, LPG, 12 Crude Oils – REBCO,BLCO, SLCO, ILCO and ARAMCO Standard Crude Oil.

2. Fox Construction Limited: Fox Construction Limited is working on some innovative and impressive infrastructure projects across India like Sub Contract of Fly Over Bridge in Maharashtra with SVL Infrastructure Private Limited and approaching 430 Acres Township Project in Mumbai “Troy Fort City”. Moreover, it has proposed for Star Hotel in Patna and Jaipur and Group Housing Project in Noida in JV.

3. Fox Oil and Gas Limited: Fox Oil and Gas deals in refined petroleum Products, Oil Exploration, trading of refined petroleum products in association with Al – Duqum Energy, Oman and Blooming Infratech, India. It also plans to expand in Oil Exploration in Astrakhan in Russia in association with Russin Energy, Russia. Fox Oil and Gas has signed a JV Agreement with Rusin Energy for Oil Exploration in Astrakhan, Russia; The Exploration Area consist of 224 Sq. Km.

4. Fox Exim Limited: - Fox Exim Limited deals with Equipment Purchase, All Building Material Sourcing and importing for our Various Projects.

5. Fox Consultancy Services: - Fox Consultancy Services is a project consultancy service provider that deals in areas like – Funding of Viable Projects from its contacts worldwide. Its strengths are Indian Project Financing & Consultancy Advisory, International Financiers, Worldwide Project Financing, Structured Finance, Project Development, Infrastructure Development, Financing for Global Projects.

6. Fox Petroleum USA Corporation: Fox Petroleum USA Corporation is responsible for develop and manage Oil and Gas business in USA and surrounding geography with direct coordination with Fox Petroleum Limited and other group companies.

7. Fox -Pi Petroleum LLC: Fox -Pi Petroleum LLC is a joint Venture company in USA and UK with partners Fox Petroleum and Pi Global Petroleum for a trade of 2 million BBL of OPEC GRADE Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO). This may lead a monthly turnover of USD 200 million.

8. Fox Motion Pictures Limited: Fox Motion Pictures Limited deal in Film Making and Entertainment Events and planning to produce 5 feature films spread out in the next 3 years phase. Strongly highlighting transparency & corporate ethics, we work with investors on models structured for best ROI. Our Investment vision is to manage risks, minimize budgets and maximize revenues. Its mission is to create ground breaking unconventional movies and distribute it to the world. It aims to develop, produce and distribute engaging films also with social significance and inspiring messages. It is poised to establish itself as an industry leader in producing films that relays and ignites true purpose and passion.

9. Fox Petroleum - Australia: GIOVANNI JOHN RACITI FRSA Director Sydney, Australia is responsible for develop and manage Oil and LNG Gas business in Australia and surrounding geography with direct coordination with Fox Petroleum Limited and other group companies.