Fox Petroleum

Values and Philosophy

Fox Petroleum Limited has a conceptual policy of adhering to sound business ethics. This primarily means honoring of commitments to the governments, joint venture partners, to its clients / customers and giving a healthy climate to its work force so that they can flourish professionally & are socially sound.

  1. Most of our products will be marketed through the distribution network of government agencies / prominent private players in different states of India and neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal.

  2. Our products like Gas based power will be given to the India’s National grid or electricity Boards of the state governments in India and gradually governments of Sri Lanka and Nepal.

  3. Taking Power to the masses of rural India adopting gas as the fuel source for establishing gas based power generating station network in few states of India.

  4. The Company's core business philosophy is the responsible investment of speculative funds in the petroleum sector. The strategy of the Company is to obtain early license positions in frontier exploration areas either directly or through joint venture arrangements to provide maximum value leverage on exploration success.

  5. The Company will continually investigate opportunities that will grow the company by adding projects to our portfolio which fit the overall strategy of the company.