Fox Petroleum

Our Strategy

Fox Petroleum Group has no limit on area or county of work; we will work where there is profitable work opportunity. It is a phase wise deal for us. With the blessings of almighty god, we have started our Phase I and II simultaneously. We are happy that we are moving in a positive direction. We will achieve the goal. For the Complete success we have formulated a structure of Companies like all IT support will be given by Fox Exim Limited and Marketing by Fox UAE.

Phase I: To Establish 2100 MW Dual Fuel Turbines for Electricity Production with our Clients mastering in Turbine Technology in Phase wise approach. Company wants to sail in power generation within India and across the Territory of Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Phase II: includes setup retail outlets of Petroleum Products like Petrol Pumps in Srilanka and Nepal with our own purchased Petroleum Products from Global Market.

Phase III: includes setting up oil exploration in Middle East and India.

Phase IV: Pursue India and Iran Gas Pipeline thru Seabed to explore more business for the country and giving help to our Nation. We will try to convince Government to Place pipeline from Iran to UAE under Seabed and then from Oman to Gujrat Under seabed rest will be on the ground.

Phase V: Setting up a refinery in India and Bahrain. To refine the crude oil marketed by Fox Petroleum FZC, UAE from North Africa, Iraq and other Middle East Companies.