Fox Petroleum



Chairman and Managing Director, Fox Petroleum Limited

Ajay Kumar alias Ajay Kumar Jha, born in Industrial Town Kanpur, India and brought up in Assam, India. A Science Graduate, an MBA; The most promising boy from a village where there is no road, and no light; He is well versed Computer Engineer; Worked on almost all Operating System and Network Operating System in his school days; Based in New Delhi, India;

Vision for his Business - He believes in inclusive growth in Business – that is "People, Company and Nation Building; and Country First". He aspires to make the Country as well as the world "No Dark Zone" through Energy and Infrastructure Development.

An Aries by birth. 'I AM' is the motto for him. He takes responsibility and desires authority first. However He does it with a childlike innocence that is very disarming. He stands for brave new beginnings and is frequently the one to get something off the ground. He is fearless and courageous and will fight passionately for what he wants. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and he is a keen competitor. He is ardent in work and won't hesitate to make the first move.

As he is a well qualified Computer Engineer as well as an MBA. He has started his Journey from a construction Company in 1998; in Guwahati, Assam. He has the past experience in launching townships and commercial especially in IT park of any size, at the age of 28+ only. His team Management skill is very high inside the company, and takes care of the investor as well as customer. According to him, "Investor or Customer satisfaction is our paramount consideration, without cutting down the companies norms".

As, he is very good at Calculated Risk Taking hence jumped in Oil & Gas Sector as per his plan – and got very good response from the market and Government due to his convincing attitude to investor and being flexible to negotiate at the point from where companies – norms laid is not cut down. He believes in a strong and innovative Fox Petroleum Era where he wanted to be successful, trusted and respected in Oil & Gas; Infrastructure & Construction Development nationally and internationally as one of the leading Company in its chosen market sectors.


Director (Sydney, Australia), Fox Petroleum Limited

Giovanni John Raciti holds degrees from Monash University - Melbourne, Swinburne University of Technology - Melbourne and University of Technology, Sydney: is a Business Post Graduate student at UTS Business School of Management, who in the past has led teams for General Electric #7 Global 2000, Telstra #225 Global 2000 - Forbes listed, and for the Queensland Government/Universities. Fellow of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in London and Member of The Royal Art Society of NSW. He was recently honoured with an Academy Award for Global Peace, a Certificate of Excellence and a Doctor of Philosophy from the esteem Academy of Universal Global Peace a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. An international leadership initiative, the United Nations Global Compact seeks to align business operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. Formalising our commitment to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact reinforces that we aim for continual improvement in strategies, culture and day-to-day operations, while assisting to further develop and promote our responsible approach to energy services. We have committed to provide updates on performance to the UN via annual Communications on Progress reports. He is also the Secretary General for Australia for The Multi-purpose Inter Parliamentary Union - TMIPU; Ambassador for the International Human Rights Commission for Indigenous & Minority; Honorary Ambassador for the Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, and an Ambassador for the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations and member of the Freemasons' Association (NSW & ACT) Inc.!HIS-EXCELLENCY-HONORARY-AMBASSADOR-GIOVANNI-JOHN-RACITI/caow/55d2b0780cf2d847c54f5c80!HE-Honorary-ambassador-John-Raciti/c3b/5601a47e0cf256c0bf973aca

PhD from Academy of Universal Global Peace (A Higher Educational Wing Of Snahalaya Ashram) -
UN Global Compact


Director, Fox Petroleum Limited, Italy

Sandra was born on 1 March 1973-lock ' in Sicily, Southern Italy's promising island.

Highly motivated and bright ideas, directs his studies in the economic sector.

Inclined to business and Finance Economics and banking course enrolled here delves into his training towards business excellence strategies and analysis paradigms of which it is strongly addicted.

Firmly believes that the success of a company is derived from the sum of a set of goals, interests and cooperation between economic subjects. Planning, design and expansion in the markets that the key to success.

Parallel to his studies began his career as a real estate brokerage and credit counselling working with major agencies in the industry. In 2000 tenacity and resourcefulness is pushing her to found the Target real estate which still is still President in dealing with the sale and management of real estate and luxury accommodations.

In 2013 after a careful analysis of economic activity starts to import and export business with foreign markets. Determination with great humility and the urge to create network of international collaborations.

Her motto: First they ignore you, then they fight you, then you mock ... Then you win! (Mahatma Gandhi)


Country Director (Strategic Relations) Nigeria.

Born Aries & citizen of Nigeria, holds first & second degree In Accounting & Immigration law.

Member Nigeria Oil & Gas businessmen. A consultant, administratively skilled with Good human Relation. Worked as Nigeria Representative for Seawest Oil & Gas Switzerland, 2015. Holds unshakeable result oriented contacts strength & experience in procuring NNPC products (Oil & Gas) allocations for the needs of legitimate, genuine & credible buyer overseas. Advising new businesses on formation of corporations & business structures, drafting privacy, policies & structuring commercial transactions, generate new development deals for oil & Gas Company that focuses on lifting & delivering, including energy & other services.

Represent credible & conventional universities in the UK, USA, Europe Asia etc

Recruits prospective Nigerian students to study at undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in conventional institutions overseas. Organize international excursion (Summer Camp) for Nigeria schools overseas,

1.Until now, was the MD/CEO KES GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD NIGERIA. In my early years, l have work experience from different Government parastatas in Nigeria:

2. Worked at Kogi State Judiciary Nigeria 1991,

3. Worked at Petroleum & pipeline marketing company a subsidiary of NNPC 1994,

4. Worked at National Air Defense Corps (NADC) Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos 1996

5. Worked at Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos 1998,

6. Worked at Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board, (JAMB) 2000



Country Director for Fox Petroleum Afghanistan

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan and a graduate of Kabul Vocational and high techniques institute, and has received BBA Ahmad Shah enjoyed a career spanning 9 years within the Multiple international and national Companies in Afghanistan and Dubai UAE specialising in ‘operational skills , logistics .and Convoy movement Security Solutions and Governmental Liaison.

Ahmad joined Compass Integrated Logistics Solutions as a Security officer in 2005. Ahmad Shah progressed this opportunity attaining the position of Security Supervisor , then Admin Assistant Manager ,then Logistics Manager, then Eastern Zone Convoy Controller , Then Operations Supervisor , finally Liaison Manager working extremely closely with executives within the Supreme Group- Compass ISS and Local Government Authorities . The various positions attained specialised in the provision of tailored remote site solutions to military and civilian organizations in areas of conflict, namely Afghanistan.

In 2009 Ahmad Shah after serving of 4 Years honest working with Compass joined Habibi Group ( Compass ISS Escorting Vehicle Prime Contractor of 1100 Toyota Surfs for taking coalition forces MoD, DoD foods all over Afghanistan ) as a Transport Manager Ahmad Shah has also progressed this opportunity attaining the position of Operations Manager , Finance Manager , chief of Liaison , and finally as Country Manager . Ahmad Shah has also obtained the position of CEO at Habibi Group in 2011 after doing honest and hard working job and being shifted from Afghanistan to its main office in Dubai UAE.

Ahmad Shah now works as the Managing director of Rainfall Group of Companies in Afghanistan. And as Vice president of Australian National Security and Investigation Collection PTY LTD ANSIC in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Shah has strong leadership and managerial skills and has a reputation for developing skilled operational teams dedicated to pursuing excellence.

Ahmad Shah led, managed and administered a multi-national operations team overseeing the import of fuels into Afghanistan to serve NATO and the coalition forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. As such Ahmad has developed specialist knowledge of fuel logistics, supply solutions and Transpiration in austere environments. Ahmad Shah has worked as Legal Advisor and Business Consultant too.

AHMAD SHAH NASSERI has made really good connections within Afghan Local Governmental Authorities and having a lot of Resources. And now working as Mining Business consultant.


Director (Government Affairs, Karnataka)


Anil Nair is an engineer and MBA; He has two decade of experience in Infrastructure Business development and Marketing. He is Graduate in Electronics and working for FOX PETROLEUM,INDIA for LNG Project in Karnataka, India; Despite all odds coming to him, he has delivered result for the Company; He takes job and make it happen; He is directly reporting to the Chairman in events of FSRU LNG PROJECT between Govt of Karnataka and Chairman;